He ordered them to kill every male child... Mat 2:16
The attack on the male child has been a long ragging battle and it is an attack against the purpose of God.
From Adam, to Moses, to Jesus, there has always been a contention to wipe out the males. This shows there is a fundamental place the man occupies in fulfilling God's agenda on earth and until our eyes are open to the schemes of the enemy and victory won in this battle, we will only keep moving in an unending circle of pain and reproach.
No wonder the evil existing in the lives of our boys and the grip of darkness over them. The rate at which they are involved in all manner of social ills is alarming and we don't seem to understand the schemes of the enemy. It is an orchestrated battle and we must arise to save them if we desire to see God's agenda fulfilled in our generation.
If we must win the battle against the enemy at the gate and reclaim our God ordained heritage, then we must equip our boys and men with the right values, skills, character and life to fight darkness, win the war against the enemy and bring the victory.
This concerns everyone because if the boys are not saved, then nobody is safe. They will be the husbands, fathers and leaders tomorrow, equipping them is safeguarding the future. Let's all rise up with the responsibility of equipping our boys, so that we can reclaim our heritage and build the society we long desired.

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