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  1. Mentoring and Coaching of Boys: we run mentoring and coaching for boys who desire a mentoring relationship. It is a platform for boys to build capacity and learn under people who have excelled in their field of career and other endeavor.
  2. Rehabilitation of Troubled Boys: we rehabilitate troubled boys who are caught in drugs, cultism and other related vices. we run programmes that help them overcome these ravaging vices.
  3. Training of Parents and Caregivers: we train parents and care givers on how to relate with boys and skillfully engage them. They are also trained on how to identify troubled boys and equipped with skills to help these boys.
  4. Counselling and Consultation: we run counselling and consultation services for schools and organizations who need help on how to help their boys live positive and productive lives.
  5. Leadership and Skills Empowerment for Boys: we help to empower boys with leadership, entrepreneurial and leadership skills to help them live positive and productive lives.
  6. Scholarships for school drop-outs: we identify school drop outs and provide them with scholarship to continue their education.
  7. Parenting Partners: we partner with parents and care givers to help build and model a boy to live positive and productive lives.


  1. Boys Leadership/Mentoring Club: We run mentoring clubs for boys in schools and communities. It is a platform where we teach boys values and leadership principles that help them build capacity and live positive lives.
  2. Safe Community for Troubled Boys: We create safe communities for boys that are troubled and struggling with deep issues. we use this platform to help them talk about their struggles, go through a rehabilitation process and build accountability network to help overcome that struggle.
  3. Boys Community Outreach: We reach out to boys in communities and schools to enlighten them on issues that affects them ranging from sexual abuse, drugs, cultism, sexual perversion etc. They equip with the right knowledge to handle these issues and live positive lives.
  4. Boys Internship Program: We run internship programmes to empower boys with skills to live productive lives and have a reliable source of livelihood. We also partner with organizations that help these boys further in those skills by admitting them into more intensive training platforms on the already acquired skills.
  5. Boys Booth Camp: We run an annual camp experience for boys. It is a platform where we bring them together for a couple of days for training, learning and engaging them in fun filled activities.
  6. National Boys Conference: We organize and host an Annual National Boys Conference every May 16th to commiserate the International Day of the Boy Child. It is a day where we gather boys, government and stakeholders to discuss issues that pertains to the boy child and profer solutions to those issues.
  7. Boys Day Out: We organize periodic outing for boys and use it as a platform to bond, share and have fun. This timeout is also an avenue to discuss deep and sensitive issues that concerns them.

Short Term Impact

  1. Reduce crime rate
  2. Reduction in sexual violence against women and girls
  3. Reduced social ills in the community
  4. More responsible boys
  5. Reduction in drug abuse
  6. Reduction in out of school boys
  7. Reduction rape and sexual abuse
  8. Reduction in family conflict

Long Term Impact

  1. Economic improvement of the community
  2. Right and equality of both gender
  3. A better and safer world.