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Who we are

Save The Boys Initiative is a nonprofit organization that is passionate about building a solid support base for boys as they go through life changes. We are intently creating awareness of the existing silence and societal negligence that leaves boys vulnerable to all forms of abuse. Our commitment is to attend to the dire needs of boys hooked in drug abuse/addiction, sexual perversion, and other destructive habits and indulgence they naively engage in while being unguardedly exposed in our complex society.
We purposefully help troubled boys come out of their struggles to find hope and meaning in life. We establish relationships that facilitate complete transformation through mentoring, coaching, and workshops that equip the boys with valuable skills and emotional strength to lead positive and productive lives. As we call out society for "boy child negligence," we firmly advocate the need for fathers to attend to their responsibilities, of raising a balanced boy child with seriousness and consistency.
Importantly, our initiative aims to assist governmental and community efforts in catering to the holistic development of the boy child. At the same time, we continuously aspire to contribute our quota in supporting the young boys that cannot access or afford the cost of proper rehabilitation centers. Ultimately, our initiative steers our boys to the desired change that inspires them to paint and pursue a more purposeful future.

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To Mentor, Equip and Empower Boys to live positive and productive lives.


A society where men live transformed lives and make positive impact.

Core Values


We create safe communities where troubled boys go through a journey of healing and transformation.


Boys are empowered with different skills to bring out their potentials and live productive lives.


We model good and loving relationship to help boys thrive and be their best


The basic essence of leadership is to serve; we believe in service to humanity

Holistic Transformation

Raising a balanced boy requires holistic transformation of life


To lead and maintain conversations addressing the vulnerability, and need of BOYS in Homes, Institutions and the Society in general.

To advocate for inclusion in all matters that concerns right, gender equality and adequate preservation and promotion of all genders.

To provide a forum and enabling environment for boys to air their struggles, dilemmas and uncertainties without discrimination.

To reach millions of boys annually with insightful programs, workshops and seminars with the goal of launching them unto great heights in life and the zenith of their careers, notwithstanding the errors of past experiences.

To mentor, equip and empower boys to lead positive and productive lives against the backdrop of broken homes, domestic violence and abuse of women ravaging the sound health of the society.



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