School na Scam! 😳

School na Scam! 😳
I hear some boys run around with the notion that school is a scam. Little wonder, the drop in academic performance of boys in recent times.
We are really in a crisis!
Many boys pay less attention now to their education, with the notion that they'll succeed even without formal education; they would rather resort to quick money syndrome and all manner of fraudulent and frivolous activities.
Disheartening to note also that the society seem to celebrate mediocrity and corruption instead of integrity and hardwork.
What are we modeling to the younger generation?
How do we build future leaders like this?😨😨
Dear boys, please note that Emerging leaders who abort their educational preparation and process often demonstrate a character less committed to completing a task.
Those who fail to carry through with their training process, often show incompetence later in their career.
The way we handle our preparation for life and leadership is a strong indicator of the kind of persons we will eventually become tomorrow.
Personalities without purpose, and charm without competence are recipe for ruin. (Pause and think of this🤔)
Obviously not all learning come through formal education, but a good education must not be overlooked as it is an important means of preparation.
Wake up from your slumber and sow the seed of hardwork and deligence NOW to build a fulfilling future.
Young men,
School is NOT and can NEVER be scam, pay close attention to your studies so that you will not be a weakling in leadership tomorrow.
©️ Ebuka Obika Ede
Save the Boys Initiative

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