I Was Molested in The Church! (True Life Story)

We grew up in a Christian home and even had a church in our compound but that didn't stop me from being abused, infact the abuse started right inside the church.
Due to the church we had, our home became a house for many because we always had visitors and I had to share my room many times. At age six, I and some of the children that come to church at our home started playing with our penis as normal children play, but it gradually became a thing of fun.
After some time, I noticed that some of the men and women that came for the church programs always want to play around me, they buy me a lot of things and became my friends. At night some of the men will fondle my penis and wrap themselves around me. I saw it as a normal play and kept quiet especially because of the things they buy for me.
I thought everything will end as a child but that never happened. I grew up as a teenager to start having feelings for men and gradually started engaging in homosexual activities.
My parents never knew what I was going through because I didn't have the courage to tell them. I was so dedicated to the things of God and so they never had a clue that I was dying on the inside.
This led me to engage in all manner of terrible activities ranging from pornography to masturbation and molesting of other boys. I was having wild and evil desires.
I was psychology drained and everything around me was affected. I was totally into myself that most people thought I had mental issues, they never knew I was suffering from the trauma and ripple effect of my abuse. I contemplated suicide at some point and had serious difficulty going into a relationship with the opposite sex.
It took a lot from me to come out of it and go through a journey of healing. I am not totally healed but I thank God for the help I have received so far and hope for a better tomorrow.
Sexual Abuse of Boys is real and has a damaging effect, most of us grow up to be aggressive and revengeful. Please protect your boys from these predators, they are everywhere. I call on parents to also be careful with people they leave with their boys and pay attention to their issues because this abuse are done by close and trusted family friends.
I appreciate Save the Boys Initiative for their help so far, may God bless you all.
©Save the Boys Initiative

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