Any Plans for the Abused Boy (2)?

We see some criminals (men) and some elites in society who are not worthy of emulation for our boys;they were once boys.
The truth of the matter is some men are on borrowed time. This borrowed time is due to lack of proper upbringing and abuse when they were boys.
Is funny to note that a good tree produces good fruit and a bad tree produces bad fruit. What type of tree are you grooming.
We need to know the mental,emotional and sexual state of our boys;for the tendency of an abused boy to become an abuser is high.
There is a common belief in the Justice Field in the US that most criminals were victims of abuse when they were much younger.
The criminal today was once a Child yesterday. When you see some celebrities or politicians who do not portray good character worthy of emulation;check their background.
When you see a man come out to dress as a woman and declare he is a she;check the background. When you see a man come out to say 'To get big ass is profitable than to get degree' check the background. When you see a man come out to beat and batter a woman,check the background. When a man neglects the family without staying responsible,check the background.
In time past,when you call your name the next question they ask;Who is your father?The question is asked to have an idea which tree are you coming from. What character should we expect?
Things don't happen from the sky. Every man was once a boy and is highly possible that a boy neglected today will become a menace to society tomorrow. Some may even become influencers.
Do not neglect the boy of today,for he is the man of tomorrow.

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