Our Boys Need Shoulder to Lean On

Most times, our Boys only hear negative voices of fear, intimidation, rejection, condemnation and very high expectations. Little wonder they become products of these voices and live negative lives in trying to fill that vacuum.
Boys thrive and grow in an environment of love. They are troubled with so many questions and expectations that have left so many of them confused and frustrated in constant search for a way out.
Can we just give a listening ear to their issues and plight? Can we be a shoulder they will lean on to find hope and courage in the midst of despair and shame? Can we be a voice of hope and strength to them? Can we show them love and attention? Are they not also humans?
Our Boys need shoulders to lean on. You will be amazed to see the quality of boys we will begin to raise if we pay attention to hear, help, equip and support them.
Be a voice of hope not despair. Our Boys need us!

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