The Vicious Circle of Broken Men (A Must Read)

My heart bleed each day with different stories of men who are terribly broken due to the ripple effect of sexual abuse. A lot are deeply struggling with wild range of unquenchable sexual desire as a result of this scar. I am pained to see our women and girls suffering severe abuse, violence and rape from these broken men.
Boys are one of the most sexually abused set of people but since they are boys, have penis and look stronger, nobody believes them, no one feels it damages them. They think we enjoy it.
So many men today are sex addicts simply because they started experiencing sexual pleasures from a very tender age of 4-9 years by older ladies, aunties, sister's friends, older neighbors, maids and even school teachers who got them involved in sexual activities, and as a result making them addicts and sex freaks. They are emotionally damaged to the point that they hardly recognize themselves as they sleep around.
Some men now hate sex or prefer men to women. We call them names, we call them dogs, we call them maniacs but no one is asking how they got themselves involved in such mess.
Dear Parents and Guardians, your boys are very prone to rape and molestation too as much as your girls. You give the girls so much attention, protection and listening ear which is important, but it is equally very important and fair to pay same attention to the boys especially in this age and time. Most boys are quiet not because they are enjoying it but they really don't know what they are doing. No one has taken their time to tell the boy how wrong it is for someone to do that to him. He has no knowledge of how it's damaging and ruining his life. The society has also not created an opportunity for him to speak.
If we don't help them now, we will only be building them for the future destruction of the girl child. He is being built not to remain faithful, that's why many of them keep chasing women and sleeping with them even when they are in a relationship or married.
Boys are raped too. Most boys tasted sex for the first time from older ladies which opened them prematurely to wild range of sexual desire and as a result became sex addicts, masturbation addicts, homosexual, pedophiles, unfaithful partners etc, most remain damaged, hurting and revengeful.
The fact that they don't complain doesn't mean they enjoy it. Pay attention to your boys, there is a lot going on that we need to know. If they are helped and equipped, be sure of a better society for all and end to the violence against women and girls. Let's deal with this issue from the foundation so that we will have a better result.
Be intentional!

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