Many Boys Are Walking in Mud of Concrete

Many boys with absentee Fathers and Men who are missing either physically or emotionally are walking in mud instead of concrete.

These young boys are trying to find a foundation for their lives, but there's mud all over them, because there is just no place they can stand on solid ground.

Their foundations are missing! when they grow up, they will go out and try to become foundations themselves. But there is a major problem; they were never shown what a true foundation is and so they will end up replicating a wrong foundation, and the vicious circle continues.

The Father is to live out a true model of manhood to their boys. Many young boys never had a father to tell them who they are and how a real man should be; we can all see the ripple effect of that vaccum in the society through the different issues we are facing; bad leadership, family crisis, violence, crime and all manner of issues due to lack of healthy men.
Who will model this true manhood when many themselves are standing on a faulty foundation?

How can we actually break this vicious circle?

We must begin to raise emotionally balanced boys who will change the narrative. We must model true example of manhood to our boys and guide them to live Positive and Productive lives. A lot will change for good if our boys get it right.

Save the Boys Initiative

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