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Well, one major issue I have seen with boys is the strong attachment to their phones🤦🏽‍♂️,
I have received several complains from parents, especially in this lockdown of their boys spending long hours on their phones.
Guys you know we are running towards achieving so much in life and this phone can either be a blessing or hindrance to achieving our goals.
One of the things these strong attachments to our phones can cause is procrastination. You may have discovered that you spend the whole day just being on the phone and not doing anything meaningful with your time. You keep procrastinating other important things until time passes and the day gone, then you'll look back and see that you've achieved nothing. Meanwhile there are others who are rulling their world through this same device because they maximized their time and set their priorities right.
It is ok to socialize and have fun on social media but there are other profitable things you can do with your phones aside chatting or being on instagram all day looking for likes and followers. Some even chat and forget to take their bath🤭.
You can avoid these issues especially with your parents by applying wisdom.
You can use your phone to read, learn new skills and build capacity, there are lots of opportunities for you out there. Set your goals for each day and work to achieve it. Set your priorities right and challenge yourself to excel.
Remember a responsible man is one who is disciplined and has learnt to set his priorities right. Use your phones wisely.
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©️ Ebuka Obika Ede
Save the Boys Initiative

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