It is so pathetic and heart breaking to say that in every 100% of male children over 90% are always subject to parental neglect when it comes to moral upbringing.
Many parent do not pay attention to their boy child because the think he does not need much attention as the girl child, they divert most of their time and attention to the girls, leaving the boys to the fate of the unknown. They think the girl child need more morals than the boy child, they teach the girl child how to dress, talk, walk and even behave but will never teach the boy child all this.
Dear parents do you know that a boy child today will be a father tomorrow?
I guess you know that no matter how you train your girl child she will still end up getting married to a man tomorrow?,
The man is always the head of every family, but in a situation where the man lacks proper upbringing what will become of that marriage?
We have had cases of men who beat their wife, come home late at night, even get drunk, and other irresponsible behaviors, do you think it started when the got married? Capital NO.
It is as a result of improper and lack of good home training when they were boys and now they grow into men who become masquerade to their wives, men whose presence makes his family feel unease.
In all I admonish you parents in as much as you are trying to raise responsible girls, always remember the boys need double of that attention because one day the girl will end up in the man's house.

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