We strongly condemn the attack on Government Science Secondary School, Katsina State and abduction of hundreds of Boys.
This is a violation of human rights, and it should be looked into. We pray for their immediate release.
Thousands of children; boys and girls alike have been kidnapped over the years by gun men and a lot of them Incorporated into insurgency but yet there is a lot of silence around it.
Imagine hundreds of boys taken into captivity.
Are these boys not humans? What is the offense of these young boys? Does the Society really care about them? When are we going to start spotlighting the issues concerning our boys too? Does this not also call for an emergency?
These and many more questions are what our boys are asking. They say "It is impossible to build a sustainable Society if we are not inclusive in the approach to protecting the lives of every citizen."
The boys we neglect today will surely turn out to be a menance tomorrow. Nobody is safe if we do nothing, we must all join hands to end this menance.
Our prayers are with the boys and their families.

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