Boys Sexual Abuse; A Story Yet Untold

There has been a dead silence on the Sexual Abuse of Boys and the implications for the boys, men and society is damaging. Boys and girls are abused on daily basis and we must focus on addressing both if we want to build a balanced and positive society.
Research shows that 1 out every 6 boy has experienced sexual abuse and this percentage for boys is low because it is grossly underreported. Our laws on sexual abuse has not favored the boys and this has plunged many of them into a world of silence because they feel defenceless. A lot of boys have grown up to be sexual predators with wild range of emotions and behaviours because of the ripple effects of this abuse. We must rise to break this vicious circle.
In a bid to create awareness on this abuse and enlighten the public on how to avoid and tackle this evil, we will be launching a series on stories of boys sexual abuse. We will be sharing real life stories of this abuse of boys, how it happens and the effects it had on them as they grew up.
We call on everyone to be a part of this campaign for societal transformation. We are calling on boys and men who have experiences of sexual abuse to send us a private message of their stories. We will feature their stories without exposing their identities.
Let's join hands and save our children from this coming destruction.

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