I grew up with my parents and my mum had her younger sister staying with us. She moved in with us when I was 7years and she was very fond of me. She did everything to make me comfortable around her; she gave me everything I wanted.
My parents loved and trusted her so much. She had the best skill for putting me to sleep, but in the process she engaged me; she taught me to fondle her breast and different part of her body and she in turn will fondle my small penis and put me in between her thigh to get Sexual satisfaction. She explored my body and got me to do crazy things with her body. These and many more happened that I cannot explain.
This continued between us and graduated into all manner of Sexual activities until we started having sex when I was about 10years old. My parents can never imagine; not with the slightest idea that such was happening between us.
She convinced my parents with very good reasons why I should not go to a boarding school just in a bid to continue engaging me and gaining satisfaction for herself. As time went on, I got used to it and started enjoying everything and didn't bother to mention it to my parents for whatever reason.
I thought to myself "what's the point?"
Will they even believe me at that age? Will my mother ever imagine that her closet sister could molest her only Son? It would just be a fruitless effort.
At 13, I was highly sexually active and my engagements with Aunty became more frequent. That wasn't even a problem, the whole trouble began when I had to go the University. Just before I left, we had a lot of sexual activities that brought out the monster in me. When I got the university, I had a very deep urge and drive for sex. It was so bad that I found the slightest excuse, a reason visit home.
My academics and a lot of things around me was affected, my productivity dropped and I became a shadow of myself.
Finally, things got out of control and led to a tragedy when she became very sick and was admitted in the hospital. I visited her at the hospital and insisted to pass the night and take care of her, but deep down I was just looking for an opportunity to satisfy my crazy and fearful urge.
My parents innocently appreciated me for my decision and left, not having the slightest clue what was going on. Despite how severe her health was, I did everything that night to have sex with her right on the hospital bed. She was weak and really sick; she struggled with me throughout the night and I caused her a lot of pains. It was a horrible experience!
After that night, it dawned on me the kind of havoc this has done to my life. She also realised how bad things has gone and become so troubled.
My life is shattered, I am loosing my mind. I can't take my eyes off women and sex, I'm devastated. I am going crazy.
How will I deal with this monster? My life is miserable. You don't know what this has done to my life. People insult me that I am a womanizer, but they don't know my story and how it all started.
My dear boys, it is a horrible experience, it is a bitter pill, it is deadly. I never wish for anyone to go through this experience. If you are experiencing this, or something similar, please speak up and seek help.
Save your life!
Protect your future!
Sexual abuse of boys is real and is on the increase on a daily basis especially from house helps and older ladies, men abusing boys are not left out, the ripple effect is devastating.
Parents wake up, don't sleep on your boys, don't loose your guards. watch your boys too! Don't trust just anybody. Watch them carefully.
Please pray for me, I feel hopeless.
Hmm, we are speechless!
We believe the message is very clear.
Save the Boys Initiative

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