A W.H.O report asks, "what about the boys"?
Last year when we visited a school to talk with boys, they asked; "Has the Society finally remembered us"?
Others are asking; "When are we going to bring back our boys"? Or are we saying the captivity is appropriate? They should stay dying?
What about those on the streets, is that our habitation?
Are we created to just be drug addicts, sex perverts, fraudsters, criminals and all, connected to the negative narrative?
If the men ahead of us have failed in any way, what is our crime?
What nature laws have we breached?
Am I also void of emotions?
Who will rescue me, breaking my bonds intentionally from this societal and cultural mindset that has kept me in the pool, bound?
Who will rescue me from the sins of my fathers?
Who will take me as a cause?
Why am I treated as an outcast and destitute in the Society?
Why am I left alone?
I ask again, what is my crime?
Please can someone listen!
Out of me heralds a cry, waiting for the answer to the longings of my heart.
What say you?
Save the Boys Initiative

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