It All Started From The Normal Children Play (True Life Story)

I grew up in the church and had Christian morals.
At a very tender age, we had a neighbour who was a very close friend of mine.
When our parents were out, we would always play together; acting drama, touching ourselves carelessly, acting sex in the drama.
Being both boys we enjoyed it but we didn't know what we were doing and where we were quietly heading to. We never thought it will have any negative effect on us when we grow up.
This continued for a while and at age 12, I discovered that I started having feelings for same sex and I just couldn't love a lady. I tried severally but it just didn't work out.
As time passed, I started getting irresistible sexual advances from my barbers and mother's driver. It started getting complicated for me.
As a result, I became an angry and aggressive boy.
I began to sexually molest other boys.
I stayed in this mess and suffered the trauma for 12 years until finally I opened up, spoke to someone in the fellowship who counseled me, guiding me into freedom.
I have fasted, prayed, cried and gone through a process of healing.
Yes, today I see God's love pulling me through irrespective of the challenges.
Its not totally gone but I can say God has been there, I will keep pulling through as I trust him for total healing.
I want to advice parents, guardian and care givers to please also pay attention to their boys. There is a lot going on that we do not know. Be watchful and careful; mind who they stay with and where they go to per time. A lot of them are molested but we do not know because we don't believe it happens to boys. A lot is happening, please be watchful!

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