Director's GREEN TV interview

Thank you GREEN TV for having me speak on 'The correlation between divorce and upbringing of the male child'
In as much as we don't want to focus on the negative, it doesn't mean that we should close our eyes to this dawning reality of the high rate of divorce and it implications. The recent statistics of Divorce application in Abuja is a clear indication. The truth is that our family system is fast detoriating and the implication for the future is unimaginable. This is because a Nation can never stay together if families can't stay together.
In as much as we don't want to put the blame on one side alone, yet we can't deny the fact that men are the major cause of these family issues, ranging from unfaithfulness, to wife battering and all manner of violence against the women, we must tell ourselves the bitter truth. Who will endure such hostility?
How did men become this toxic? Upbringing of course!
Yes, women have their own issues especially with the antagonisms going on in the name of a movement that is tearing families apart but that is a story for another day.
We have unconsciously raised violent and toxic boys because of our negligence on issues that concerns them and negative role modeling from parents and society. As such, they grow up becoming a product of such modeling expressing themselves in hurting and toxic husband, fathers and leaders.
If we must salvage this menace, then we must pay careful attention in raising responsible boys who will grow up leading responsibly. Women have their roles to play but men have a major stake in this, if the head is rotten, the whole body will be full of darkness.
No matter how empowered a woman is, it will be very difficult for her to thrive living with a violent man, women thrive in an atmosphere of love. Let's deal with these issues from its very root so we can win the war facing our families and nation.
Enough of this surface deception that has not helped us, let's hit it from the root.
For me, one major solution to this high rate of divorce is to raise responsible men and that we will do by saving and equipping our boys to live positive and productive lives.

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