Boys are usually hyper energetic and full of strength: this is because at the seventh or eight week in the womb there is an explosion of the potent male hormone called the testosterone. If that neurophysiological explosion in the brain does not take place, that child will be a girl. Testosterone makes boys aggressive and they usually have a rush of this hormone in purberty. It's part of being a male.
The easiest way to feminize boys is to overprotect them. We damage our young boys by overprotecting them. Boys who are constantly overprotected are in Jeopardy of having their masculinity warped. Teach them good judgement and not squelch their aggressiveness. God made boys that way, we are to accept it and channel it aright for them.
Cagging a boy's emotion is simply setting the house on fire and you can be sure everyone will burn.
Boys are full of energy endowed on them by God. Our duty as parents is to help them channel these energy positively. We help them channel this energy positively by exposing them to creative activities to enable them engage their minds and release this energy. If we don't do that, they will SURELY look for a way to channel it, which could be negative and we will in turn be at the receiving end.
It is an inbuilt energy and MUST be burned out. How are you postively helping boys to unleash their energy?

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