Jonathan Edward (Fatherhood Model)

Jonathan Edwards made a difference because he saved his boys. And his boys saved their boys and those boys grew up to save their boys. Generation after generation, the boys were saved. He was just one man, but he positively affected hundreds and even thousands of his descendants after his death.
Edwards was one of the great mind of history. Yet, this world scholar had his priorities right. He not only make sure he made it home for dinner, but he got in at least one hour for the family time each night. Its my guess that Edwards made a difference in generation after generation because he understood his God appointed role as husband and father.
If you look into the future, what would your legacy look like? Would there be a chain linking generation to generation with godly men who in turn produced more godly men? Or is it to be generation after generation of confused leadership from men who have no clear- cut role model?.
The destiny of those future generation is in your hands.
The choices that you make with your family today will determine the quality of life i in your family tree for generations to come.
That's why one man can make a difference. And if you save your boys, it will be greatest and most fulfilling task of your life.
Countdown to May 16th 2020- International Day of the Boy Child

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