Our attention was drawn to these posts made by some women on their social media handles. I chose to remove their names because they have been reached and cautioned.
When we talk about sexual abuse of boys, it seems we are saying things that don't exist. We have engaged countless number of boys who are going through this and most cases are between age 2 and 12, a lot of them are suffering from the ripple effect of that trauma. There are many women and men out there who are sexual predators and use these boys as their sex toys. If someone can boldly put this on her social media handle, then I wonder what is going on in the secret. Beware of Aunties, Cousins, Step-Sisters, Teachers, Neighbours... We must also pay careful attention to who we leave with our boys with because a lot is going on that will blow your mind especially in this season.
Most of us only see the effect when these boys grow up with wild sexual desires to become sexual monsters and rapists but we don't pay attention to deal with it from the root and break that evil circle. Every man is a product of his upbringing.
Be intentional!

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