Destined STARS interviews director on "The Boy Child"

Thank you DESTINED STARS YOUTH UPLIFTMENT MAGAZINE - @ Destined STARS for the interview on "The Boy Child". Your interest in seeing to the plight of the boys and commitment to their growth and development is highly commendable.
We can't deny the fact that there has been a silence negligence on the issues that concerns boys and the implication for the future is devastating.
Do we want to have a peaceful society free of crime, violence against women and girls, bad leaders, chaos and all manner of atrocities? Then we must be intentional about equipping our boys with the right values to live positive and productive lives. The mess we are in today is as a result of the negligence to equip them with the right values and the vicious circle will continue if we don't rise up to the task.
Adolf Hitler was once a boy,
Gadafi was once a boy,
Leopold II was once a boy,
Samuel Doe was once a boy,
May Zedong was once a boy,
Anini was once a boy,
Save a boy today; you might just be saving the world tomorrow.

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