Who is Watching Over Our Sons?

And because he is a boy, he is safe and can be left with anybody.
What? fallacy!
Our society has been wrapped around with this lie. Little wonder, so many boys are left unguarded.
Why the carelessness with the boys? Why the believe they will always find their way around things?
Dear Parent/guardian, This is how so many boys are left in the hands of unbridled house helps, neighbours, relations, teachers and friends which results into plunge into an unending well of sexual immorality, drugs, waywardness and all manner of illicit behaviours, because of careless thoughts and actions.
And its so sad that by the time it dawns on us, our precious boy is lost!
The society is in trouble because we have a lot of irresponsible men who cannot keep a family talk less of an institution or nation.
The boys today will become men, husband and leaders tomorrow! What exactly are they learning? Who exactly are they learning from?
Who is watching over our sons?
And to my boys, why are you walking in the counsel of the ungodly? Why are you standing in the way of sinners? Why are you sitting in the seat of the scornful? What exactly are you learning?
Flee from destruction and fulfil your glorious destinies.

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